What problem are you trying to solve?

Have you ever thought about what problem you are trying to solve? On any given day, week, quarter – What is it that you are trying to do?

If you are in sales, the likely answer is to close more deals. You want to maximize the amount of revenue that you can generate for your business. You want to sell more things to more people. You want to hit your quota.

If you are in marketing, the likely answer is to generate more leads. You want to reach more people through your campaigns and convert them into leads. The more leads you identify, the more successful you are.

Seems simple, right?


Solving your Buyer’s Problems

Instead of focusing on your problems, focus on your buyer’s problems instead. By focusing your attention on the problem of your buyers, you’re going to better align your content and sales tactics to their buying patterns. Putting yourself “in their shoes” is the perfect way to be a partner to a prospective buyer.

This works throughout your funnel, as you focus on solving the problems that exist in the mind of your buyer persona:

  • Top of Funnel – Why do I need to make this change? How do I improve my performance? How do I fix this problem?
  • Middle of  Funnel – What are the differences in solutions I can choose? How hard will this product or service be to implement?
  • Bottom of Funnel – How do I pick the right vendor? Who is going to be the best solution in the years to come? What does the implementation process look like?

When you start sharing your buyer’s problems, you are able to start asking the same questions like them. This is where the magic happens!

Salespeople can share insights and be trusted advisors. Marketing teams can create engaging content that builds brand authority and awareness. And most importantly, your customers will want to have their problems solved by you.

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