Tipping the Scale in Your Favor

Are you tipping the scale in your favor?

Every one of your customers is weighing the decision to buy from you.

On the “Buy” side of the scale are the solutions to their problems and benefits to their business. These are the positive aspects of the purchase that are pushing and pulling them to want to buy from you.

On the “Don’t Buy” side of the scale are their anxieties and habits. These are the negative feelings that are potentially holding them back from making a purchase.

Managing the Scale

Your job is to manage this scale, and ensure that the emphasis is on the “Buy” side. If the scale points to the wrong side… no deal!

As you build your sales and marketing strategy, consider the following questions:


Don’t Buy

Solutions – How are you solving your customer’s problems?

Anxieties – What is your customer risking by moving forward? 

Benefits – How are you adding value to your customer’s life/business? 

Habits – What organizational or process changes will need to be made to use your product/service? 

When working with clients, I often find that they are GREAT at answering some of those questions, but completely ignore others. This leads to too much focus on one side of the scale, and not enough on the other.

By taking a holistic approach to managing your deal’s weight, you’re going to be more effective in your strategy, and provide a better buying experience for your prospects.

Below are a few more tips to get your gears turning!

“Buy” Side Tips

Through your marketing content and sales activities, you need to add weight or emphasize, the “Buy” side of the scale.

  • Clearly convey your value proposition and what it is you’ll do for them.
  • Add value at each stage of the buying process.
  • Listen to their business drivers and uncover the change they are trying to make.
  • Showcase the outcomes that you can produce.

Your prospect has a change they want to make, and you can help. Get them excited about the possibilities, and show them you can make a positive change in their business/life.

“Don’t Buy” Side Tips

On the “Don’t Buy” side of the scale, it’s all about removing objections and building trust. Take a consultative sales approach as you walk your prospect through their purchase.

  • Build trust with the key decision-makers.
  • Understand why this change has not yet been made.
  • Focus on the people, not just the product/service you are selling.
  • Clearly lay out the process that you will help walk them through.

Your prospect is concerned about spending their time, money, and energy. You need to help them feel comfortable, and alleviate concerns that might be holding them back.

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