Why do your customers buy?

Do you know why your customers buy from you?  It may seem like a silly question at first, but it’s important to understand.  If you fail to understand why your customers need your product or services, you’ll fail to align your sales and marketing message with their goals. This article will explore three frameworks you …

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Should you be using an AI writing tool?

AI writing tools are all the rage these days.  The promise is alluring. Having artificial intelligence-powered software write your content for you.  Sounds nice, but does it work? In this article, I review the current state of AI writing tools for sales and marketing professionals. I tried two of the most common tools, Jasper and …

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Understanding Website Page Speed

How fast does your website load?  Is it as fast as a brand-new Tesla? Or an old Toyota Prius? While it’s not something you think about often, your page speed plays a significant role in the user experience of your website. How fast we can view and interact with a website’s content directly affects our …

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