Buying vs Selling

Are you helping people buy your product/service? Or are you selling it to them? 

It’s easy to get caught up in the tactics of sales – qualifying, uncovering pain points, convincing decision makers, creating urgency… doing whatever it takes to get a signed contract.

But is this what your prospect wants? Do they want to be sold to? 

Or, do your prospects want to buy something? 

Most people want to buy a product or service. They are looking to make a change in their life, and are searching for the best solution to help them do that. They want to be excited about their purchase.

Of course you still need to have a sales process. The standard sales activities are important in order to be successful at your job. But your effort should be focused on helping people “buy from you”, not “sell to them”.

5 Ways to Help People Buy From You

  1. Focus on Educating – By being a knowledgeable resource about your product or service, your prospective customers will learn to trust you. Focus on being a teacher in your industry: writing blogs, hosting webinars, and providing consultative sales calls. 
  1. Actively Address Concerns – Not objectives, but concerns. What are the things that could go wrong? What are common issues that come up in your product or service? Be proactive in addressing common buyer concerns. 
  1. Tell Your Story – Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? How do you do it? These are the questions that your prospects are going to be asking about the company they are buying from. By telling them your story, you can get them excited to choose you.
  1. Provide a Purchase Path – Create a step by step path for the purchase. By doing this, you can align your prospect’s buyer’s journey with your internal sales process. This will bring them comfort and clarity in how they can buy from you. 
  2. Be Authentic – Create a relationship with your customers by being authentically yourself. Treat people like people, instead of prospects. Not only will this make you more trustworthy, it will also make your job more enjoyable for you.

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