James Roloff

Creating a High-Performance Sales Culture

I recently sat down with Josh McDonald from Brainheart Growth to discuss ways to create a high-performing sale culture. Below are notes and highlights from the discussion. The conversation was loosely based on the book No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. Hiring  Compensation Managing Performance

Should salespeople blog?

The burden of blog writing often falls solely on the marketing team’s plate. Which, can make sense at first glance. Marketing is the team that typically owns the content strategy for a brand. But what about the sales team? Should salespeople blog? In this article, we’ll explore why sales should be blogging and how to …

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buying with card

Understanding The Buyer’s Journey

Do your customers just wake up one day ready to buy your product?  Of course not!  Every buyer goes through a journey that leads them to a final purchase. This is true of nearly every purchase, from cheeseburgers, to automobiles, to computer software. We call this process “The Buyer’s Journey.” And it’s a key concept …

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man speaking on stage

Become The Trusted Expert

The ultimate goal of your digital sales strategy is to become the trusted expert.  You want to be the go-to person in your industry. The person that people go to for advice and help with problems related to the subject matter you sell into. If you achieve the status of a trusted expert, you build …

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