James Roloff

What is Digital Sales?

We’re already familiar with the concept of digital transformation in our personal lives. Analog processes and objects which are transformed through digitization, enabling them to be improved with computer software and hardware. A few common examples are: In all these cases, we experienced efficiency and efficacy gains by digitally transforming an everyday process. But what …

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Introduction to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

In this episode of TABS (Talking About Business Strategy), I talk with Steve Robinson from Brilliant Metrics. We discuss Account-Based Marketing (ABM). What is account-based marketing? What are the benefits? And how to get started. Show Notes: What is Account-Based Marketing? Steve said that ITSMA was one of the original organizations to define ABM, and they described it as “treating …

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How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch, the one-liner, the answer to the “what do you do?” question at social events. It’s a short and impactful piece to your brand (personal or business). However, many people struggle to articulate their elevator pitches effectively. You actively leave sales on the table as you muddle your value proposition without a clear …

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