21 Ideas for LinkedIn Posts

“I don’t know what to post about!” is the most common complaint from sales reps starting their social selling journey. And it’s legitimate, as you may not yet have flexed that content creation muscle. 

So to help get the juice flowing, I present 21 Ideas for LinkedIn Posts:

  1. A Common Question You Get – What are common questions from your prospects? Answer those in a post. 
  2. Common Question You Should Get – What are common questions your prospects should be asking, but are not? Answer those in a post. 
  3. Customer Success Story – Create a post that highlights a customer success story. Highlight a common problem you helped solve for them and its impact on their business. 
  4. Share Your Passion – Tell your audience why you are passionate about your work. Why do you think you are doing important work? 
  5. A Common Problem –  Create a post highlighting a common problem your prospects face. Show empathy in explaining how the problem is common and can be solved. 
  6. Explainer Content – Create a post explaining a topic related to your industry. Share your expertise by teaching people something new.
  7. Takeaway From a Recent Book – Share a favorite takeaway from reading a recent book. Share what you learned and how you’re going to implement it. 
  8. How To Use Your Product – Empower your customers by creating a post with suggestions for people to use your product/service better. 
  9. Common Misconception – Create a post that explains a common misconception about your industry. Say what it’s incorrect, and what the reality is. 
  10. Address a Fear – What are people’s common fears with purchasing your product or service? Create a post addressing that fear head-on.
  11. Promote a Blog Article – Create a post promoting your business’s recent or valuable blog article. 
  12. Promote a Webinar/Event – Create a post promoting an upcoming webinar or event. 
  13. Promote a Guide/Resource – Create a post promoting a valuable guide or resource on your company’s website. 
  14. Resharing Somebody Else’s Post – Instead of creating your own post, reshare somebody else’s post with your commentary. Do you agree/disagree with something they said?
  15. Share Industry News – Create a post sharing some industry-related news. Add your commentary to give your expert opinion on what’s happening.
  16. Get Personal – I know it’s contentious, but I do think it’s valuable to share a glimpse into your personal life from time to time. Let people know who you are beyond your work life. 
  17. Piece of Advice – Share a piece of advice that you’d give to a beginner in your field.  
  18. A Mistake – Create a post about a mistake you made and how you learned from it. Show others how you’ve walked down their path before. 
  19. A hot take – Share a hot take (unpopular opinion) about your industry. These posts are great for getting a discussion going. 
  20. A Step-by-Step Guide – Create a post with a step-by-step guide to doing something in your industry or related to your product/service.  
  21. The Mini Pitch – Create a post that serves as a quick reminder to your network about what you do, who you do it for, and its impact.

There… I no longer want to hear the “I don’t have any ideas” excuse!

Brainstorming Post Ideas for Social Selling

The more your brainstorm ideas for posts, the better you’ll get at it. Creating content is truly a muscle that needs to be trained with reps.

I’d also suggest using a tool like The Content Matrix, which helps you align your content with your specific buyer personas and the stages of your buyer’s journey. By knowing who you are writing to, you’ll be able to better target your content with a message that’s effective.