Case Study: Using Seasonal Events to Boost Local SEO Traffic

You like haunted houses?  I don’t. But my co-workers do.  Two years ago we decided as a team that we were going to check out the local haunted houses and forests around Madison, Wi.  Despite my apathy for the attractions themselves, we usually would grab drinks and have a good time after our visit. That […]

An Inbound Strategy For Small Business: Be Useful Online

If there is one thing that small business people are lacking, it’s resources.  Small businesses don’t have the luxury of just hiring more marketing or sales people when they need to expand their reach.  They need to be creative with their existing team and tools.  This is where an inbound approach to sales and marketing […]

Tips on Using Social Media for Sales People

Focus on Engagement – You know your industry and your prospects. What type of content is going to be important to them, or, more importantly, what content is going to be engaging with them, is what you need to be sharing.  One engaging post is much better than five non-engaging posts. Network Authentically – You want your network […]

Your Website is For Your Audience

Here’s a reminder – your website is for your audience. It’s not for you, your co-worker, and not even your boss.  Your website is for your target audience. It’s the #1 mistake that I see our clients and prospective clients making.  They build a website for themselves.  The design, navigation, and most importantly, the content, […]

What Matters

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It’s us that determines what matters.  We place the value on various aspects of our lives.  Be it material items, experiences, or emotions. Sometimes we feel like we lost control, and an overwhelming feeling overtakes us.  But, does it matter?  Is the fact that your client is being rude really something that matters?  Or, is it just some […]

With Intention

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Whether or not you do something with intention makes a difference. Doing something with intention is a sign of what we value, and to what degree.  Whereas, if we do unintentionally, it has little to no reflection on who we are as a person. Tracing back every action, every word spoken, or every inaction, or […]

Stress is Relative

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In a tone that is baiting for a negative response, “so how are you adjusting to having a newborn at home?” With our little girl just hitting three months, I get that question a lot.  It’s a question that is loaded with the assumption that having a newborn at home is one of the most stressful […]

What’s the one thing that most marketers do wrong?

I recently got the opportunity to ask Seth Godin, a great marketing mind, one question – What’s the one thing that most marketers do wrong? I was expecting his answer to be relating to our audience.  Maybe we misdefine who our audience is.  Or, we use the wrong platforms to reach these people.  If not […]